My practice explores the relationship between nature and technology and speculates how these two seemingly opposing forces can merge and interact one another in the future. My work aims to imagining a future where nature and technology are linked and wonders about the role of humans in this process.

        I am interested in the ways in which humans and non-humans can coexist and collaborate in a world where nature and technology are intertwined. By exploring the possibilities of this relationship, I hope to prompt a deeper consideration of our own relationship with the natural world, and the role of technology in shaping that relationship.

        I feel inspired by the concept of biophilia and the growing need to re-establish our relationship with nature in a technological world. I also been inspired by artists like Fiona McDonald, Juan David Figueroa, Sabrina Ratté, Špela Petrič, Jonah King or Maria Castellanos among others. Through my art, I aim to blur the boundaries between the natural and the artificial, creating an immersive experience that encourages contemplation and reflection on the future of our planet and create a new space for dialogue between humans, nature, and technology. I believe that the future of our planet depends on our ability to develop a more harmonious relationship between these elements. I hope to contribute with my work to this conversation. Nature should have greater protection and rights to ensure its survival in the future.       

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